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Digi-Fama’s Online Management Tool (“Portal”) allows clients to access to our NHD Data in Real-Time. The combination of our Real-Time technology of NHD Data and Portal have transformed the antiquated NHD business model into a modernized, advanced solution. 

The Portal facilitates ordering Natural Hazard Disclosures and clients have full control to customize their Portal to match their business goals. Our licensed technology utilizing our NHD Data is accuratesimplelow-cost and the fastest way (1 min) to produce NHD reports in the market. Our Portal provides useful features to allow clients to manage and operate their business.

Digi Fama’s NHD Data is accessible in Real Time via Portal, allowing clients manage their orders, consumer accounts (CRM), billing, employee performance, edit ordering information on NHD reports, and promotions. Below is a list of some of the Portal features available:

Report Generation in Under 1 Minute

Mobile Responsive Website

Customizable Reports and Templates

Automatic and manual Tax Estimator based on the new purchase price

Promo Code

Electronic Signature

Real Time Hazard Maps Using GIS Technology

Built-In Billing (Accounts Receivable)

Built-In CRM to manage your end consumers

Built-In Address Book

Rep Assignment

Google Maps Satellite and Street View Integration

Report Types

  • NHD Report

  • Environmental Report

  • Tenant Flood Report

  • Tax Report

  • Invoice

  • Signature Page

  • Combined PDF of the Report Types above

Sample Reports

Version 1

Sample Report

Version 2

Sample Report

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