Property Data

The Property Data related information and reports help Real Estate Agents, brokers and researchers successfully analyze opportunities and make better educated recommendations for their clients.

Inside this report, you’ll find in-depth information about the properties your clients are interested in, including but not limited to:

Basic Property Info

Digi Fama offers Parcel table Look Up capability via our robust APIs or web services. In addition, Digi Fama offers First Line History property data such as owner, location, property characteristics, sale and financing information.

Detailed Property Profile

We also offer Property Detailed profile which is a complete and conventional Real Property Profile. This broad Property Profile contains comprehensive information extracted from Public Real Estate Records. It is comprised of the prevalent property data acquired from County Records and Tax Assessor’s Offices, and is distinctly more inclusive than the Basic Property Report. The contents of this report will include Property Ownership, Property Location with a short Legal Description, Property Characteristics, Site Information, Last Owner Transfer, Last and Prior Market Sales, original Mortgage Records, Comparables (or COMPs),  Property Tax and Assessment and Neighborhood Area information.

Automated Valuation Model

An electronic document that can provide real property valuations using mathematical modelling combined with the recent Comparables (or COMPs) in near neighborhood.

RG Lead Sheet

An electronic document that can provide life changing experiences within 1.5 miles of the subject property that may have to list their homes such as tax defaults, divorce, death, pending litigations and notice of sale.

Tax Bill

If possible, we can provide an itemized current Tax Bill statement that the seller has received in the mail in the last tax cycle.